What are the hidden complexities in construction 3D printing ?


What are the hidden complexities in construction 3D printing ?

Despite the fact that it has been very trending lately, with companies raising money, new comers debuting in the industry, and several projects being held across the world right now, construction 3D printing has also raised some eyebrows from an economic, technological and viability points of view.  Even though we no longer question its advantages, we recently laid emphasis on the fact that, builders and people who are looking to utilize this technology in construction should ask themselves other questions, questions related to the fit of this technology in their environment, materials, standardization and even costs.

These are some of the questions we have decided to explore in our latest “Additive Talks” session dedicated to construction 3D printing. Around this virtual table, two pioneers in the field,  COBOD International A/S and PERI who respectively brought expertise in traditional construction and construction 3D printing.

The conversation below covers:

  • An overview of the construction 3D Printing market: Technologies and limitations
  • The adoption of construction 3D Printing & Regulations
  • Future outlooks in the field.

Other key topics we recently discussed with these experts include “Construction 3D printing methods” and “why this focus on concrete 3D Printing?”

Kety Sindze

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