About Additive Talks

Additive Talks is a series of conversations that aims to deliver 3D Printing/AM insights in a different way. Launched by 3D ADEPT Media, each conversation gathers additive manufacturing players as well as users or potential users from key verticals around specific topics. The ultimate goal? Learn insights that matter from industry insiders to build your path in the AM industry.

Additive Talks ambitions to discuss, analyze and provide insights into topics that shake vertical industries shaking adopting additive manufacturing technologies. Whether they highlight a key topic in the aerospace, defense & nuclear, medical & healthcare, construction, transport or heavy industries, each session ambitions to separate the wheat from the chaff, and to deliver actionable takeaways that will help professionals make the most of AM technologies.


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Apart from the months of August & December, we host one session of Additive Talks per month. The best way, you can join the session that is dedicated to your field of activity is to register here. This way, you will receive a notification just in time for each new panel.

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Additive Talks at Formnext 2021