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10 September 2020


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About Additive Talks

Additve Talks is another approach to delivering 3D Printing/AM Resources.  Organized by 3D ADEPT Media, this day brings together additive manufacturing players and experts from vertical industries so that they can exchange on various topics. 

Most AM users and future users of the technology usually have a holistic approach in their way to discovering and further expanding their knowledge about additive manufacturing. This approach often includes in-person exchanges during events or analysis from various companies' ontents/experiences.

Those who are familiar with our digital and print magazine, 3D ADEPT Mag know that a similar approach is leveraged to address most of our dossiers.  For us, an in-depth understanding of a topic requires the confrontation of different ideas, experiences and expertises.

With that in mind - but also because these unprecedented times make it difficult to exchange ideas in person -, 3D ADEPT Media has imagined another way to give the industry access to 3D printing/AM resources. This way is Additive-Talks.

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September 10, 2020

The Additive-Talks Day will take place in Central European Time.

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At a time when physical events are few and far between, we are here to help you find the ideal partner to accelerate your business. Our approach is pretty simple: stay tuned, share your expertise and keep networking.

The Additive-Talks Day will take place in Central European Time.

(Final schedule with all participants to be issued soon)

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10 September 2020

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3D Adept Media

Panel discussion 1: Digitalisation and distributed manufacturing: how important are they for additive manufacturing?

The recent months have proven out the essential role of digitalization in all industries. At the manufacturing level, it’s been a few years now that the issue has come through the pipeline. However, as the need of relocating manufacturing is currently a global issue, it’s time to understand and overcome the challenges raised by digitalization in the effective implementation of this business model.

Andreas Langfeld

Andreas Langfeld joined Stratasys in 2009 and gained a deep insight into the additive manufacturing industry. The understanding of customer needs and customer use cases has evolved to the highest priority and biggest asset of Stratasys which has the largest Installed Base within the 3D Printing market. Translating this knowledge into increased adoption of 3D Printing with a high level of customer satisfaction via a team of highly skilled professionals in sales, marketing, customer support and across the organization is part of the key focus areas in the current position as President EMEA. Andreas Langfeld was appointed President EMEA of Stratasys in autumn 2018. He previously served as General Manager MakerBot EMEA, as well as VP Finance & Operation at Stratasys.

President EMEA Stratasys

Pieter Ruijssenaars

Pieter Ruijssenaars is COO and Co-Founder of DiManEx. He has two decades of experience in strategic and commercial roles as well as change management. DiManEx re-invents your supply chain with flexible, on-demand manufacturing. The company’s end-to-end platform enables you to identify the right parts for Additive Manufacturing, digitize your inventory and print parts on demand through a network of industrial-quality facilities. At DiManEx, Pieter works closely with the product team to deliver added value to customers through innovative solutions. Prior to joining DiManEx, he worked at companies like Dutch Railways (NS) and Vodafone, and set up his own new ventures in the online domain.

COO and Co-Founder of DiManEx

Panel discussion 2: How to increase process productivity for replacement parts? Examples from an aerospace or automotive company

The increasing need for replacement parts raises one single question: how to achieve maximum output with the smallest effort? Interestingly, the answer might require the input of various stakeholders.

Panel discussion 3: Costs & Considerations for investing into an AM System

Investing in an AM technology is the first step in a journey towards a true understanding of how technology can transform a business. To achieve such an investment, especially in the current economical context, several considerations should be taken into account.

Panel discussion 4: The relationship between sustainability & AM

Sustainability took a certain amount of time before it comes through the pipeline, but it has now, and there are hundreds of questions and challenges to address by both AM users and players

Sherry Handel

Sherry Handel is the Executive Director of the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA), a new non-profit trade group founded to promote the environmental benefits of additive manufacturing within key industries and the general public. Ms. Handel is an award-winning leader focused on making a meaningful impact through non-profit management, entrepreneurship, and volunteering. She has board-level experience scaling non-profits in the sustainability and tech startup education & training sectors. Ms. Handel is the Co-Founder and previous Chief Operating Officer of Energy Harvesters LLC, a clean-tech startup developing the Walking ChargerTM, a patented device that charges smartphones and other mobile device batteries as the user walks. Ms. Handel earned a BS in Business Administration from Northeastern University and has studied sustainability at the University of Vermont and Boston Architectural College.

Executive Director of the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA)

Erik De Zeeuw

Erik De Zeeuw has 18 years of experience in the world of (additive) manufacturing with a focus on product development and certified industrial end-use applications for various industries. As a CSR ambassador and certified ISO 14001 auditor he has gained insight in the environmental impact, challenges and opportunities of additive manufacturing supply chains.

Certified Manufacturing Manager and an expert in sustainability / Materialise

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